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This is a free service; refer a friend and receive $20 - it's that easy.

TORONTO HYDRO Users - Save your Energy and get Paid for it !

You can now be paid to save your energy during peak demand!

It is now possible to sell electricity back to the grid if you are a residence in Toronto - through Ohm Connect.

You get $5 for simply signing up, and progressively larger cash outs for saving electricity over time!

Cash out, or make purchases on some technology from Ohm Connect's online store.

Here's one of Ohm Connect's very own explaining exactly how it works.

Katie Edmonds, of Ohm Connect, explains the how the program works.

(It's called Residential Demand Response/Management!)

Demand response means using less electricity during peak demand.

This type of energy strategy is typically reserved for large commercial consumers of electricity, especially in Ontario. The government of Ontario actually promotes this strategy through it's Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI).

Conserve energy during times of peak demand! - Rodan Energy

But has only just become available to residences through Ohm Connect!

So if you live in Toronto, and get your electricity delivered by Toronto-Hydro,

You can start saving your electricity during Peak Demand hours (#OhmHours), and receive compensation for doing so.

The program has experienced tremendous success in California and is now available in Toronto.

Sign up time is approximately 2 minutes, or 30 seconds if you are already have a Toronto Hydro online account.

Join the Peak Demand Ohm Connect team through any of the links on this page and be automatically entered for a chance to win an EcoBee/Nest thermostat this summer!

The Peak Demand team is just getting started!


Electricity costs during hours of Peak Demand are most expensive.

This is for anyone with an interest in electricity conservation, energy efficiency, or simply saving money... and making money.

Images link to start registration as well.

Performance based savings/earnings!
Use points to make purchases or cash out at any time!.

Here's Forbes highlighting the service as unusual for many - but effective!

Forbes columnist explains Ohm Connect.
Happy Savings!

For any additional questions, email [email protected]


Join in on the conversation with Alex Masters Lecky when you subscribe to PEAK DEMAND.