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Canada Lags Behind: Tech Adoption Trails All Major Industrial Nations

September 01, 20235 min read
How do you think embracing newer technologies could give your business an edge, given the recent findings about Canada's slow tech adoption?
Chart showing where Canada technology investment is versus the rest of developed nations.

Summary of the original article at the bottom of this page.

Canada, likely the safest country on the planet when considering our population size, is in dead last when it comes to technology advancement amongst developed nations.

A shame really.

Not just now, but our outlook is becoming increasingly bleak.

Or at least much different for the next couple of decades versus our 'rise' to how we live now versus 30 years ago.

How did we get here?

Really - how did we get to a point where business owners and executives just started saying no to staying up to date with competitive technology?

Not just in a microcosm type of sense.

I'm talking about collectively as an entire nation.

Even governments are having a slow go at it - at all levels.

Have administrations put evolution on the back burner, just to keep the status quo.

Keeping a majority happy, is a difficult balancing act.

Was it the epic amount of comfort that many businesses, and even home owners, enjoyed leading up until the 2008 crash?

Maybe we just lack the tech talent to really wrap our heads around new technological frontiers...

"A.I. oh no!"

"Robots are going to take our jobs!"

Hahahahah, really?

These 'doom sayers' or 'doomers' are funny to me.

We are now at a point where we need a super evolution to avoid this so called 'doom'.

But doom is an overstatement if we actually sit down and look at our situations objectively.

And with intention.

Whatever the case may be...

It seems like business owners, and many governments in our nation, really haven't done anything to adopt new technology at the turn the century.

Even now...

Our Canadian Digital Adoption Program, roughly $2.6 billion CAD in size, is going to expire in 2026.

Only 2-3% of it has been accessed since its inception.

Canadians are quite literally leaving money on the table when it comes to technology.

There is a $2400 digital grant for Canadian businesses that almost no one knows about.

We try to inform on it whenever possible.

Or maybe it's a generational thing.

One generation passing its technological apathy down to the next.

Whatever it is, it's having some pretty significant ramifications on our economy as a whole.

Be it a shortage in skilled labor, or a reliance on low quality work being powered by low salaries.

Top that with the salient fact that inflation and rates are absolutely kneecapping us across all provinces.

We're approaching the event horizon on what it means to simply stop evolving as nation.

That means devolving - going backwards.

Slowing down is an understatement for what is happening.

And its definitely not what I intend on experiencing myself, or for my clients.

I built this agency to not only change the way I do business - but also the way that I live.

Making big changes for our clients and partners is just part of the process.

Evolution is the goal, for everyone.

If you really really want to know what that evolution looks like, have a chat with our AI assistant -PeakBot.

He can tell you all about how technology, particularly how artificial intelligence, is forcing companies to adapt in order to survive.

But businesses are only the beginning.

I'm anticipating that individuals will start to use personal AI assistants to get through their day.

Their lives...

You can probably ask PeakBot some other things if you want.

Like what could help your own business grow through a well cultivated digital presence?

Or perhaps a business plan to launch a product you've been pondering.

Whatever it is.

We don't mind.

Because it's PeakBot!

He doesn't eat.

He doesn't sleep.

And he absolutely never complains about the economy.

He just works 24/7 - 365.

And really, really, really well by the way...

Your first conversation with an A.I might be the first step towards changing how you operate in your business, or you life.

Either way...

We are with you all of the way to the top of of this existential mountain.

Until next time.

Alex, Peak Demand

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A summary of the article is included below.

Original Article: Canadian Workers Need More Technology, Not Less

Link to Centre for Future Work Post:

Our Key Takeaways

  • There's a common misconception that robots and advanced technologies are leading to technological unemployment in Canada.

  • The Centre for Future Work's report titled "Where are the Robots?" reveals that Canada's adoption of new technology has slowed in recent years.

  • The report found that Canadian businesses have reduced their innovation efforts since the turn of the century, and they are behind other industrial nations in implementing new technology in the economy.

  • Although automation and robotization have progressed slower than expected, it doesn't guarantee job safety for Canadian workers.

  • While there's no evidence of a decrease in the number of jobs due to technology, the nature and quality of jobs have changed. New jobs are primarily in human and caring services (like health care and education) or in private services like hospitality and retail, which are often low-paying, insecure, and low-tech positions.

  • The concern, as stated by Jim Stanford (Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work), is not about robots taking jobs but rather the slow pace of technology adoption by Canadian businesses. This sluggishness leads to a reliance on low-quality work, affects productivity and incomes, and misses opportunities for safer jobs and more leisure time.

  • The report offers six policy recommendations to boost innovation and technology adoption in Canada. These include reforming fiscal incentives, promoting publicly-funded R&D, fostering industries that utilize more robots and machinery, and involving workers in decisions about technological change in the workplace.

  • Jim Stanford concludes by emphasizing that the way technology is applied and how its costs and benefits are distributed will determine its impact on the future of work. He believes that reviving technological innovation and ensuring it enhances rather than replaces jobs is crucial for Canada's economic and social progress.

  • The report "Where are the Robots? The Surprising Deceleration of Technology in Canadian Workplaces" is a collaborative effort between the Centre for Future Work's PowerShare project, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and has support from the Atkinson Foundation.

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